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The Sims 4 - Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack [VERSION] - OUT NOW!!

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The Sims 4 - Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack [VERSION] - OUT NOW!! Empty The Sims 4 - Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack [VERSION] - OUT NOW!!

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Fri 05 Jun 2020, 16:51

This download is still in the old format; due to time constraints the Global Patch & updated DLC-folder will be released a bit later or tomorrow. Also: use a VPN when torrenting the download below, especially if you live in torrenting-hostile countries such as the U.S.A, Canada, UK, Germany, France, etc. 

Also take note that the G4TW Forum "is no more" - and it likely won't come back. So no Support is given. See the Global Forum Announcement if you haven't already.

Try getting used to solving problems yourself with the help of existing troubleshooting threads and tutorials ...

Fans and followers of G4TW!

With some delay we have now come up with a G4TW repack for the newest update/DLC for The Sims 4! Namely "Eco Lifestyle", on patch version, and which you can apply directly after "Tiny Living", from G4TW (or another repack-group). Yes, you can also install this new update if you are on patch level, or, or

Further information on the patch level:

Yes, this download here is already on patch level, a.k.a. the latest; which is a quick follow-up patch released by EA earlier today in order to fix savefile/loading problems.

Credits to the group CODEX for creating the No-Origin files. Looking for bad joke  alien king

Credits to @Freezer Bunny for allowing us access to a legit Origin version of this..."game".  Suspect  pig  queen

Credits to those unnamed people (too many to name) who volunteer for seeding these items.  Someone's on FIRE!! Red star from Carlos  Gold star from ~Ann~


You should install this patch, after having installed "Tiny Living" from G4TW (refer to this guide for details), or from another repacker-group. Yes, you can also install this new update if you are on patch level, or, or

The download is 8.09GB in filesize, includes all 18 language strings and a complete "Game"-subfolder, as always.

Download Links

Arrow  Magnet link

Self-explanatory I hope, but if you suffer from 'ISP surveillance' then you should only torrent this thing through a good VPN service. Examples are NordVPN, Windscribe, VPN.ac or ProtonVPN.

Arrow  .Torrent file

Same as above, only as .torrent file.

Arrow  Language Strings

(for people who downloaded a different repack in the meantime; it will give you all 18 language versions of the game).

Arrow  "Game"-folder

(the people who have downloaded the full patch & DLC from ZLOrigin already, can use this "Game-folder" to bypass the ZClient log-in. Otherwise you can use this as a backup for your No-Origin files, in case they get purged by antivirus/antimalware software).

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