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Sims 4 Star Wars DLC - Prep chatter.

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Sims 4 Star Wars DLC - Prep chatter. Empty Sims 4 Star Wars DLC - Prep chatter.

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Fri 28 Aug 2020, 18:49

Hello ... ??

Sims 4 Star Wars DLC - Prep chatter. GHkCCps

Phew, looks like we're safe again! Alright, so after a "little hiccup" (with our .club domain), and after some extensive research from me & Ann's side, the Forum is back.

For what it's worth you can safely log in again here. The main reason I myself logged in here was to attempt to post that everything is OK. ~Ann~ will also log in later and post a brief comment.

So in case anybody saw the image here even for a brief moment, that was basically a little prank by me. Very Happy  In hindsight, I should have made it look a bit more professional, but yes. We were going to test a few things, and that was when I put up that "anti-piracy warning".

The day after, the company that manages payments between customers and the French admin-overlords from "Forumotion", messed up something, so we had to re-initiate the payments. Which took unusually long, but there we are.

Since we are still intended as a family-friendly platform, I shall be diplomatic and refrain from further, possibly negative & generalizing comments about North American & European law enforcement personnel. But among many other things I do consider them competent enough to ensure that taken-down sites/domains, actually stay down. What usually happens after that (and which North American & European "news outlets" normally refrain from reporting on) is that operations will simply continue on another hosting service and/or domain, but I digress.

Oh, and don't get your hopes up. The Forum will remain as is, and it won't be coming back as you used to know it. That "Sentry666" is a dummy account which we used for some testing, and not a new Administrator. It will be removed shortly.

I also heard EA now want to appeal to "Star Wars" fans ... ?  Damn, if they now start capitalizing on franchises like that, we might be getting DLC for The Sims 4 at least until the year 2025 !! danger! beware!!

Speaking of the platform, we intend to come to a formal conclusion with regards to the Forum and the general future outlook of G4TW, shortly. Preferably even before the Star Wars DLC for TS4 rolls on. So stay tuned.

I'll also be fixing the .torrent file links on here progressively.
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