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Post by t2sink on Sat 22 Sep 2012, 19:25

Hello Everyone,

I'm t2sink, I been downloading from G4TW since around mid-April, I recently created account on here to try to assist with others downloading, and issues, since I been following the site's post for a while now, and thought I could apply some assistance.

I recently decided to make a website and and have images for the .Sims3pack's, I'm still working on it, I don't have the images for the actually Monthly Updates, but for Neighbourhoods, Miscellaneous/Other I do, and working on doing a mirror for each of the links, I have managed to do a mirror for the Store Updates in 2009.

Main Influence for me deciding to do this. Lady's ElDi's post about using Merlin to grab images from .Sims3pack's, and the MediaFire Suspension.

*Warning Under construction still, but main layout and such won't change. Will have to add images for Store Updates 2009-2012, and add mirror links for 2010-2012*

I have also recently added The Ultimate Fix links, I lack a Mac version. But have Sims 3, and Medieval links.

Please feel free to leave comments on the pages if you encounter a problem, and I'll fix it asap, since I'll get a e-mail that there was a comment, and will give me a direct link to it.

If you think of something that might make it easier to view/look around, feel free to leave a reply here.

Thanks, t2sink.

Also, would this be capable of being moved to Tips/Tricks, or where would it fit in best?

Edit: Oh if anyone has a copy of the The Sims 3 Fix for Macs, could I get it, or give me a link to it, so I can add it to my site.

Admin edit: Made Sticky. Besides, you can download the The Sims 3 Ultimate Fix for Mac in a few minutes. Currently fixing the links.

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