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Post by wackgloony on Tue 23 Oct 2012, 02:21

Hi, :newfag:
this is my first review on this website so bare with me please Smile

I wanted to talk about XCOM, but first a little about myself so you can see my perspective.
21 years of age, male, i've been gaming since i got my first NES at 8 years old. (oh the times)
and i live in Amsterdam and love this site. Not many sites actually offer to help, if not none.
Therefore i like to contribute in a way that's helpful. (Seeing as i don't know anything about making torents and or seeding.)

Anyways, i'm stretching this out way more than i should.

XCOM - Enemy Uknown 250px-XCOM_Enemy_Unknown_Game_Cover

I have never played the original, but something about this game seemed very interesting..
Was it the graphics ? no. Then maybe the way people were talking about the original ? Nope.
It's the immense storyline. Not forgetting the way you actually play this game.

The gameplay at first is a little odd.
At first you're getting a squad of 4 soldiers, on a 3d like map enviroment (think of buildings cars etc)
And instead of them being able to freely do whatever you want with them is not the case.
You have to give them orders turn by turn.
Every soldier has 2 turns in which they can: walk, dash(meaning to run further), shoot, or give cover. And that's just the basic.
So the first 4 levels are tutorial levels in which you get to know the game.
To my surprise it was easier to understand how to play than i would've thought.

After the first or second level you'll see that there is a huge underground base.
Now here is where the fun started for me.
You get to manage it.
Yes, that's right. You get full control on wether you want to focus on creating new weapons, research the aliens you kill or capture,
and even customize any of the soldiers from looks, armor, guns and even names.
I already had some fun renaming them to the likes of Duke Nukem/Solid Snake/Master Chief but it's not something i would recommend until they're fully leveled.
Reason for that is that they can easily die if you don't pay attention and it doesn't look good when you go to the memorial and you see Chuck Norris on there. Facepalm

For about 8 or 9 missions i was solid. Didn't lose alot of soldiers and i had quite some funds to spend which i did.
But than i noticed new types of enemy's. Ones i hadn't seen before. These guy's where tough.
And in one level i still havn't managed to beat them.
It has gotten hard. (whilst playing on normal difficulty) and i am quite the tactician when it comes to these kind of games.
So after 6 or 7 try's i've put it on easy but still no luck.
But what's a gamer if he stops trying right ? Very Happy Exactly this level hasn't beaten me yet.

Anyway's that's about it for the gameplay.

Now unfortunately, i can't tell you guys alot about the graphics.. My computer is quite outdated (5 years of age already) and i have to play it on normal quality.
But what i can tell you is that even on normal quality with an NVIDIA video card it still looks pretty damn smooth.
I'd give it an 8/10
But then again if you want to see the actual quality i'd suggest watching this.

Menu is a 9.8 in my book. You can find everything with just 1 or 2 clicks.
And it's not cluttered with extra useless option that you'd have in some other tactic/strategy games.
Only reason it's not a 10, is because the mouse is slow. The movement of it is a little annoying to get used to.
You might be able to change it if you have a mouse with dpi settings, but unfortunately i don't.
So the 9.8 might actually be debated.

Now here's the best part.
Before hand i thought that this was going to be another "alien invasion and you're the only one that can stop this because you're obviously the protagonist" kind of storyline.
It starts off like that in the beginning.
But when you get further and further, you have to capture aliens and research them and you get alot of information that actually makes sense. Which not alot of games do in my opinion.
Therefore it starts getting fun, you want to capture every alien as if it where a pokemon. and research the living crap out of it.
You get a nice backstory and you can even see a little cutscene of the alien in custody being "interrogated" which basically means it's being killed for science purposes.
As you go along you only want more and more.
For now i can't really explain what happends next for 2 reasons, one being that i don't want to spoil it for any of you who still wants to play this really great game.
And the other being that i still havn't gotten passed that annoying level FUU!

So there you have it.
I hope this isn't too long to read. And i hope i've given you the chills to look up this game as it's actually a really well-thought out game.
If you think my next review could be better, than i'm always open to criticism.
Hopefully you liked it, if so then there will be more reviews coming Very Happy

Thanks for reading,
and don't forget to play them gamezz!


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