Our Server is overloading! Please read what you can do about it here!

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Our Server is overloading! Please read what you can do about it here!

Post by Webmaster on Sat 12 Mar 2011, 00:51

Unfortunately the used Live Support software is not free any more. Therefore we can not provide Live Support via a client on our website any more. You can still contact us via the Chatbox on this Forum, it's pretty much the same, but less personal. Sorry for the inconvenience. We'll try to find a solution for the future!

Hello everyone,

As you may have already noticed; our website, www.games4theworld.org , is getting extremely slow to load. Also when you try to download something or open a .PDF file - it's all too SLOW. This is because our average Server can't handle all the hundreds of users that are visiting our website daily. This is a big and important problem, because now all our bandwidth is going to people downloading from the website and loading the pages, instead of to our torrent Downloaders. (Seeding is done via our Server)
Also, this problem has made it impossible for us to log in to our Live Support client, because it just can't connect to our Server, due to the big amount of users.

What I had in mind? I have been searching the internet for some good, but cheap hosting providers and I came up with some cheap providers. These new Servers make it possible for us to seed even MORE and load the website very fast. It also ensures you that there should be less problems with our Live Support, which means we can help you even better and more. Our Live Support is extremely important and valuable to us and it's very sad that we can't use it now.

On behalf of the Games4theworld Team, I thank you for your support.

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