Sims Medieval Day/Night confusion. [SOLVED]

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Sims Medieval  Day/Night confusion. [SOLVED] Empty Sims Medieval Day/Night confusion. [SOLVED]

Post by Storm on Wed 06 Apr 2011, 19:07

I have been searching for this problem but it does not seem to be posted anywhere, and I wonder if others have seen it - or if there is a way to fix it.

Somehow, after the patch was applied my games night and days got confused. At 2PM there is a dark sky (nighttime) and the village, town square and all the buildings are lit up like it is the middle of the night. Well it is the middle of the night - as the market is closed. The time says 2PM but the game thinks its 2AM. That is just an example.. but the sun sets about 8-9 AM and comes up about 5-6 PM.

This is obviously a bit of a confusion. I can work around it - just having the sims act like they would according to the game time - but it does take away having it look like its the middle of the night at 3PM and so on.

Has anyone seen this problem and is there a way to resolve it?


As an UPDATE, in case this does happen to anyone else.

Guess no one else has this problem or has not noticed it yet, but I have fixed it a few times now, and then have has it get mixed up again when I start a new Quest.

I went into options and unchecked the "use 12 hour clock". I ran the next 24 hours using the 24 hour clock and when it solved itself by staying dark almost the whole 24 hours and then the sun came up in the morning as it should - I then switched back to the 12 hour clock (checked it in options to use the 12 hour clock).

Like I said this has seemed to happen when I finish one quest and then choose another one that seems to start at a different time from when the past quest ended. I maybe causing this by jumping around and not doing the quests in the exact order they are listed. I did report it to EA and had a chat about it with Tech support who said it had been reported and they were looking into it. In the meantime the use of the 24-hour clock for a game day will fix it.

Admin edit: Ok then, I'm sure they'll patch it when they find the cause of this problem. Until then, just use your temp fix. Please PM me if your topic wasn't "done" yet.



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