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  1. Sun 13 Jan 2019, 16:50
    Message by chimerraaa - Hello
    Hello and I`m sorry to bother you on PM, but I`m not allowed to post on your thread regarding the TS4 all-in-one package. The links provided in the main post and further in the thread seem to not be working. The site is in German and after waiting for the ad to close I`m being sent to a 404 error page. Could you please update the link? Thank you
  2. Wed 12 Dec 2018, 06:16
    Message by Rodneka - SimS 4 all into one I NEED HELP
    it was like the application was unable to start correctly message what did i do wrong ?
  3. Tue 11 Dec 2018, 17:08
    Message by Rodneka - SimS 4 all into one I NEED HELP
    so i downloaded it followed all the extractions . i even went to the website for the sims 4 installer and the message I got was ...


    Folder: The Sims 4

    Hash mismatch:

    Missing files:

    Unknown files:


    ^^^^ what could that possibly mean ?
  4. Wed 17 Oct 2018, 23:50
    Message by sassyelephant - Sims 4 all-in-one

    when i try to follow the instructions to install the Sims 4 all-in-one, I keep getting the error stating the OrangeEmu.dll or OrangeEmu64.dll was not found. I have tried to fix you mentioned including rewriting the orangeemu file as well as adding the folder to be ignored by my virus protection software. I am unsure what else to do.
  5. Tue 11 Sep 2018, 15:11
    Message by clyde049 - Inquiry about DLC
    Hi Tarac,

    Do you know why some household doesn't have any an items on a particular "DLC" while some household have when I fully downloaded and installed all the DLCs?
  6. Sat 23 Jun 2018, 14:56
    Message by GummyPop - help plz...
    Theres no mod or admin that can help me right now...and I'm running out of ideas on how to fix it cause i have no idea what I did wrong..I just did what I always do info for teamviewer is on the post Sad
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    Fri 22 Jun 2018, 18:19
    Message by juanjose84 - Spanish Strings for Sims 4 with Seasons
    Hey! I don't now if it is possible, but could you please help me with the spanish files for the sims 4? I think with my saves, I can't play in english. Thank you!
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