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  • 64 bits (x64)
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Sims, second life, monopoly, need for speed, still Doom!
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St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada!
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IT analyst (WinNetworking,mainframe,PC/Mac technician,hacker
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well. i have a Biology BA, a Franch MA, an IT advanced diploma, and tons of certs and machines. i build pc beasts, tweak macbooks, adore networking, hacking who needs to be, running whole companies' backup and email systems, and generally learning it all on my own which is how i started. i got the education for the proof. i love animals and ride and train horses; i've had ferrets, rabbits, degus, hamsters, rats, dozens of cats, tropical fish to the extreme, i have one horse left out of five; our last we put down at 30 yrs old. i'd had her for 26 years. never get over it. and i love indoor plants and gardening. i bike, swim, walk and love to be in the woods or galloping through fields. i'm outgoing enough and fun but i am a loner too a bit and a nightowl. i used to spin at trance clubs and i sing and collect/play lotsss of dance/trance/fab/gaga/pink music, i love to take off in my standard bitch of a subaru with allll camping stuff in the trunk, and i love(d?) my gf of over 15 years... we're a sensual sexy mindreading couple, if she's not gone batshit. i'm also into "adult colouring" LOL with a massive stockpile of books and allll fab supplies... i'm a sysnesthetic half psychic who grew up in a haunted house and i can read ppl. but i'm not as charismatic as the gf/ex and i can goof up... and laugh. i've been thru hell and out and back in again. one of my housemates is honestly an axe murderer... 16 chops, it took him. <sigh>. i read like a fiend and sleep best in the day. went vegan, back to dance and diving and raving! work as i please as a consultant/horse trainer/anything and i volunteer with mentally ill ppl who have been thru it. never owned a dog, want guinea pigs now and more aquariums. i hide behind vpns and sniff my own lan for lurkers, and i take down the gf when she gets slutty on ep or fb. i created her an artist's page where she sells her work, makes commissions, even created a fan group for her... then i saw she was hiding me. so i locked her out. remoted into the pc i built her and changed her login pw so she couldn't even get into windows. i backhack and tunnel for fun not profit but i want to learn more. i needed to infect pcs before to learn the truth and i'll never be seen bit i'll know all. all. hurts but needs to be done to cut the shit. i'm part micamc indian but mostly just a townie who's fluffy as hell in long skirts bling and shades, long hair... i follow no trend. i used to have a level 3 nsa american sec clearance b4 2008's crash, went from making a goood 6 figures to now technically living in a halfway house with schizophrenics. still got my car, my books, plants, tent, machines, and artwork... i paint too. no time for a job which is fine because i got none now.. on perm disability from car accidents and three horse and dance injuries. dunno what to do with my life and you'd think i'd never be bored but i get hurt by ppl because i have no pokerface so i am often doing whatever on my own. lost 267 lbs when i had to, kept i toff. jeez i should write a book...

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