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  • Windows 10
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  • 64 bits (x64)
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TS4; TS2; Assassin's Creed; Sniper games (although I can't play them because I can't aim); Minecraft; Various survival, horror and survival horror games
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Playing games, watching other people play games, reading-writing, drawing, DIY, listening to music, serving my cat, watching crime stuff (mostly Investigation Discovery), stargazing, people watching, reading&learning about Ancient Egypt, watching certain "satisfying videos" (they mesmerize me)
Humor :
Gone missing, just like my savings (RIP)
Comments :
I heard all the hungry jokes. You can't surprise me. :')
And no, I don't want to visit Turkey to have some turkey so I won't be hungry anymore.
I only learned English for 4 years; I'm sorry if my grammar is bad, I do my best

If you love the Ancient Egypt (especially the 18th dynasty) or want to know more about the way the ancient Egyptians lived, feel free to message me! I'm obsessed with them.

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